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Tell Me More German Review

There are a few different ways to learn German, however if you’re serious about learning to speak frequently then Auralog Tell Me More German is one of the best software we’ve reviewed that can provide you with a decent result.
It has some of the most advanced features like Speech recognition technology which helps you get the right accent.

Comparing with other competing software, we believe Tell Me More German is more detailed and effective. You can get this course in separate levels beginning from level 1 up to level 10. After level 2 you are on the path to becoming truly fluent in written and spoken German. We recommend level 1 & 2 as they are offering a bundle package and this package is believed to be the most value for money.

Software Features

Tell Me More German has a nice set of features like their amazing tracking function which helps you set your own goals and helps push you towards reaching them. It’s a feature you don’t see in most competing software.
There is around 2,000 different exercise and 50 hours of learning.

The software offers you a wide range of learning methods and this is what truly makes it effective. Every person learns best in a particular form, audio, visual or spoken. So Tell Me More German has tried its best to separate them for better results to the user.

The most impressive feature however is the “Speech Recognition Technology” which helps you pronounce the words and sentences with fluency. It can detect if your pitch or words are correct and pin pointing where you went wrong. It also shows you the correct lip movement so you can correct your pronunciation. It also then compares your pronunciation with the how it should sound like from a native German speaker.

Course Effectiveness

Based on our review and research on what others think of Tell Me More German, we’ve found that this particular course offers one of the most effective learning methods. It covers the core fundamentals and trains you to speak and write in German. Because there are 10 levels and we’ve only reviewed the first 2, we believe that this package has enough materials to give you confidence to speak German fast.

Easy To Use

The software was very easy to install. You get a nice physical box along with the software to install. Installation was easy and the software was very simple to use. Each aspect of the software is step-by-step so it was easy to navigate and learn.

Help & Support

While using the software there are plenty of help screens to aid you with each feature. All the help information is on your screen and the tutorials are simple enough to understand and follow. Every page you select has prompts and instructions so you will not need to contact the software provider for further assistance.

However if you need further assistance, you can visit the website’s FAQ, online user manuals or contact via email and phone. Updates are also available through the website.


With a higher price range, might be swayed to get something cheaper. But rest assured, cheaper does not necessarily mean quality. We believe you pay for what you get. So don’t let this higher price range turn you away. If you are serious, want fast results, effective method of learning at your own pace, this software is truly remarkable and can get you the results you desire.

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